"Inspire The Fire"


The mission of the 307 Dance Academy is to provide proper, positive instruction and technique, in all forms of the performing arts, including ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, musical theatre, contemporary, modern, hip-hop, tumbling, and cheer with a highly qualified & passionate faculty. 


The purpose of 307 Dance Academy is to not only teaching performing arts but to teach our core values for life skills and self-growth.


307 Dance Academy believes that many can benefit from the joy of the performing arts. We seek to be inclusive and provide access to all programs regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

307 Dance Academy is dedicated to outreach programs and public service which engage the larger Casper community and deepen its understanding of appreciation of the performing arts and its health benefits.



At 307 Dance Academy, character building is inherent in the dance instruction at our studio. Learning how to give and receive constructive criticism is key to moving forward in dance education and in life. We build responsibility, self-motivation, self-discipline, learning how to push through adversity and learning commitment. Understanding the benefits of hard work will not only better the individual dancer, but other dancers with them.


Having integrity means having a strong set of values. 307 Dancers are fair, kind, and helpful to one another. They exhibit good sportsmanship with other studios, and always reflect the ideals of 307 Dance Academy.


The staffs at 307 Dance Academy believe that teaching proper diet, hydration, stretching, injury prevention, and the importance of sleep is crucial not only to performer's body but also to their ability to contribute in classes and routines. The physical rigors of the performing arts can be strenuous and exhausting for our dancers. Strong minds and strong bodies are invaluable in the perfoming arts. 


Dancing isn’t just about the self. It is also about others. This is why we built the first and only Outreach Program in Casper. We believe that anyone who wants to enjoy the art of dance should be able to do so. We have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club, Jason’s Friends, Special Olympics, and Food for Thought to spread the love of dance, but also to expose our dance students to the benefits of philanthropy through an appreciation for what is the good and right thing to do for others.


To love the art of dance and the lessons it brings.

To motivate and “Inspire the Fire” with myself and all others.

To give back through philanthropy, support, and kind words.

To find inner strength, dignity, and grace in myself and all others.

To win and lose gracefully in dance, and in my life.